Amazon Kindle eReader

I had seen Amazon’s Kindle eReader advertised on their site since the fall of 2007. For months and months I just passed it over thinking it was just “another” reading device. I even received a few emails from Amazon promoting the device, but I already had a PDA reader and didn’t use it much because the screen was too small, the screen saver (or backlight dim) would come on or it irritated my eyes within just a short time of reading.

I love to go to the bookstore. Yes, I have a Barnes and Nobels’ repeat offender (oops… “purchaser”) card. My most recent purchase was over $300 including (as usual) titles like “Strengths Finder 2.0″, “Brian Tracy”, etc. etc. I don’t travel too much, but make a few trips to Mexico and Florida and around Texas each year. Thus, I love Audio Books too. Yes, I have an Audible frequenter subscription account too. I listen to motivational podCasts, CDs ripped to MP3, or Audio Books while driving or working out.

I am an “early adopter” of technology. I’ve usually dreamed about the device or software for years before it’s available. eReaders, however, have been around for a long time but I had just not developed enought interest or been able to place the device in my life.

Then one day somewhere around the end of April 2008, I received another one of those Amazon emails with a Kindle ad in it. Having past over it numerous times in the past, this time, I clicked. I don’t know why. I think I clicked half-mockingly to go make fun of the thing and see what humor I could find in the concept.

When the Kindle page loaded, however, I felt the joke was on me when I read there were now more than 100,000 titles available. Something about that clicked for me and I felt this thing (the Kindle) or at least eReading had gotten a foot-hold. On one hand it was still hard to take it seriously with an at-the-time (April 2008) price of $399, but on the other hand the large price was telling me I was missing something… after all, how can you charge $399 for something that displays text?!?

Still, I was possessed by the idea that I could have all those books that I normally buy on EACH trip to the book store all in one place, and with me all the time.  I could have any book for whichever mood I was feeling.  AND, I didn’t have to buy every book I “might” want to read “someday” while at the bookstore.  Instead, I could just instantly dowload the book when I was in that mood.  So I took the plunge and ordered by Kindle.   It is not a purchase that I regreted.  I had it for several years before ordering an iPad.  I also like Amazon’s Kindle reading apps for the iPhone and the iPad.  I love the Kindle and the Kindle Apps ability to take notes, that is important for me.

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