Best Value GPS - Garmin Nuvi 360

I  keep an eye out for  good value GPS products. It takes some skill to learn to make them relevant to a truck driver, but they really are the best option. Trucking GPS  units are simply to expensive to be cost effective considering their inaccuracy. They do not give you the information you need, so why spend the extra bucks.

The Garmin Nuvi 360 is an adequate product for a reasonable price. This will be my next GPS  for my semi-truck. Over-the-road drivers easily get a return on investment within 2 months of owning a product like this if used correctly, but most important is that you always know where you’re at. You still need directions from shippers and receivers and you still need to check for truck routes the old fashioned ways, but you will never be lost to the point that you cannot get yourself corrected.

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