Amazon Kindle eReader

I had seen Amazon’s Kindle eReader advertised on their site since the fall of 2007. For months and months I just passed it over thinking it was just “another” reading device. I even received a few emails from Amazon promoting the device, but I already had a PDA reader and didn’t use it much because [...]

CDL School Easier With Your Computer

CDL School made easier with online tools. [...]

Truck Lines Reject New Technology

Truck lines have rejected the idea of using technology wisely. Stuck in their old business models, they’ve built a profit-only driven system that leaves drivers in the dark. Here’s some things go think about before you ask them for [...]

The Memory Upgrade - Extend The Life Of Your Computer

Memory, the most cost effective upgrade for any [...]

Super Cell Phone Technology And Why A Trucker Should Wait

The cellular superphones are here, but [...]

Mobile Broadband Router For Your Truck

Mobile broadband router lets you keep connect without a card in your laptop. Also allows you to share your Internet connection with others if you [...]

How to use Delicious Bookmarking To Improve Your Surfing

Delicious bookmarking utilities and how they can improve your websurfing [...]

Your laptop can get you loaded quicker.

Use your laptop to get loaded [...]

Wubi - Not The Perfect Operating System, But Closer

Wubi, not exactly for truckers, but [...]

Computers In Contact Lenses

A contact lens computer – hard to [...]