Trucking Freight Rates Rising With Economy

Now, as economic conditions are improving, the demand for freight transportation is beginning to see a lot of pressure. This is true in Laredo and all around the United States and Mexico. As manufacturing increases globally, oil demand, and thus fuel prices are also [...]

UPS Profits Down 49% - Serious Problems For All Of Us

UPS Profits Are Down An Unprecedented [...]

The ATA, American Trucking Association, At It Again. This Time They're Green.

The ATA, American Trucking Association, at it [...]

Welcome To I'd Rather Drive A Truck



Welcome to I’d Rather Drive A Truck! 

This website has been created to inform truck drivers about the mobile computing available to them in the comfort of their truck. It is free to join, so sign in at the left for some added features.

You’ll find information about -

How to get started in mobile computing.
Hardware and software [...]

1st Day Of I'd Rather Drive A Truck

If you’re visting this site today, your not going to stay long as I haven’t started any content yet. More to come soon. I hope to fill a void in the trucking industry for a site dedicated to the trucker’s technology [...]

About I'd Rather Drive A Truck

I’d Rather Drive A Truck is a website attempting to bring the newest technology and computer ideas to todays truckers. The Internet has opened a world of changes for today’s drivers and they should exploit them to their full [...]