Trucking Freight Rates Rising With Economy

Now, as economic conditions are improving, the demand for freight transportation is beginning to see a lot of pressure. This is true in Laredo and all around the United States and Mexico. As manufacturing increases globally, oil demand, and thus fuel prices are also [...]

Amazon Kindle eReader

I had seen Amazon’s Kindle eReader advertised on their site since the fall of 2007. For months and months I just passed it over thinking it was just “another” reading device. I even received a few emails from Amazon promoting the device, but I already had a PDA reader and didn’t use it much because [...]

Schneider Trucking Jobs For GI's Not Good For All

Schneider is offering GI’s jobs. This is a nice deal for some, but a total ripoff for other GI’s entering the work force. Trucking is not the career for every exiting GI. [...]

CDL School Easier With Your Computer

CDL School made easier with online tools. [...]

UPS Profits Down 49% - Serious Problems For All Of Us

UPS Profits Are Down An Unprecedented [...]

Ohio State Patrol Officer clocked on his personal motorcycle at 147 mph.

Ohio State Patrol Officer, Jason Highsmith and Gahanna Police Officer, Christopher Thomas clocked at 147 mph and 149 mph on Interstate 70 while racing their motorcycles. So far, it looks like they’ll get off with a hand [...]

The ATA, American Trucking Association, At It Again. This Time They're Green.

The ATA, American Trucking Association, at it [...]

Truck Lines Reject New Technology

Truck lines have rejected the idea of using technology wisely. Stuck in their old business models, they’ve built a profit-only driven system that leaves drivers in the dark. Here’s some things go think about before you ask them for [...]

Trucking Historical Lows In PerspectiveTo Today

Is it really that bad? A look at the grim news we’re receiving. There own sources are quoting levels that match disasters, but disasters that we’ve all made it [...]

The Trans-Am Leasing Scam

How to spot a scam lease company like [...]