A Week Of Waiting

A Week Of [...]

New York City On A Friday, Arrgh!

New York City On A Friday, [...]

The Ice Has Stopped Me In Pennsylvania

All iced up and broke [...]

U.S. Navy Goes Trucking In Indiana

U.S. Navy Goes [...]

Reject Bottles At The Glenshaw Glass Company

Reject bottles at the Glenshaw Glass [...]

Winter Truck Driving Photos

Some Winter Truck Driving [...]

Don't Make The Dispatcher Mad

The Newark, New Jersey Farmers Market. I don’t see any [...]

Fight cheap illegal immigrant labor - educate yourself.

Sunsets and cheap labor on the [...]

Welcome To I'd Rather Drive A Truck



Welcome to I’d Rather Drive A Truck! 

This website has been created to inform truck drivers about the mobile computing available to them in the comfort of their truck. It is free to join, so sign in at the left for some added features.

You’ll find information about -

How to get started in mobile computing.
Hardware and software [...]

Photo of New Jersey At Night - Looks Like I Felt

New Jersey with the shakes – so much for image [...]