Computer Illiterate Trucker Help

If you’ve been following along with my lessons, you have a computer and connection. Hopefully, you know the basics, but if you don’t, I can help you get started. If you already know how to get the computer onto the Internet, you can pass on this.

Use the support numbers that came with your equipment. They may not have all your answers, but they can tell you how to get the computer onto the Internet and it’s basic functions going. Ask friends what to do, but don’t where them out. Expect them to tell you where to look for the answers as things are not usually easy to explain in one setting.

If you’re reading this, you can get the computer going and start a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. Find a search engine like Google or Yahoo and start searching for “beginner computer tutorials” or “beginner computer lessons”. There are quite a few out there. Please don’t take the term “computer illiterate” as derogatory. For many older than 30 or so, computers were not much of our education. It is not your fault that you do not understand the contraption as well as you would like to, however you should make all attempts to get computer literate.

Basic computer literacy is just a matter of understanding the basic principles and jargon (computer sayings). It’s not any different than learning to drive a truck, and it’s hell of alot safer and enjoyable. There is so much information just on search engine results, that it is really pointless for me to attempt to teach all the basics on this website. I can give a few pointers in the learning process though.

  • Pick one computer task to master everyday. If you don’t understand it keep trying everyday until you do. For example send an e-mail, create a letter, create a small spreadsheet (or at least find out why a truck driver needs them), do a search for CDL trucking jobs to see if there is a bitter job out there, etc. If a program errors out, search the Internet for the fix for the error code.
  • Don’t put yourself down. I’ve been on computers for 8 years and learn everyday, so does everyone who really puts one to the test.
  • Ask for help and don’t be discouraged if you don’t understand the answer. Just keep listening and taking notes when you ask questions.
  • Don’t find a simple computer game and stay hooked on it. Get past the gaming features and onto useful moneymakers.

You can do anything that I’ve done here with the most simple of setups, a connection to the Internet, and some sort of web hosting (some are free, some are not). Keep trying until you get to your goals. It sure beats listening to drivers on the dock bitch about everything.­ Try Searching at Google for terms like “beginner windows tutorials” to start learning the basics of your computer. OTR trucking jobs do not need to leave you disconnected and uninformed. Invest the time and learn to earn more.

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