Computers In Contact Lenses

I came across some interesting technology where electrical engineers are working on contact lenses that produce computer generated displays. No matter how you view this, whether they would be horrifying, creepy, intriguing, life-saving, life-changing, or ridiculous, it is a great example of where tech and bio-tech are going.  Here’s a link from National Geographic that explains these bionic contacts.

My first reaction was, “No way, I’m not sticking a computer in my eye.” Then I thought, oh yeah, what if you were going blind and you could see with these? What if you could tell the computer in your eye to zoom in to avoid a collision while driving your truck? What if the display could alert you to an object in your line of vision that was an obstacle to avoid? Then I changed my mind.

The science is coming around, but so far, the only test subject have been rabbits that have experienced the technology for 20 second intervals. I bet it plays with their mind a little.

Like any technology, there are good and bad uses. You could fool or torture a person or you could make the blind see again. The possiblities of this are endless. With implantable lenses, you could have a computer permanantly implanted in your eye. I’ve often wondered when we would see windshield computers or reasonable glasses with monitors, but I never dreamed of putting it directly in your eye with a contact. My imagination isn’t that big, but I’m intrigued that other folks not only have the imagination, but the technological ability.

Here some things I thought of, and I bet we see a few of them happen.

  • Truck drivers get ultra sensitive vision ability
  • Law breakers are required to wear them to record what they see and what they’re doing as part of their parole.
  • Entertainment companies record first person what a person sees for movies
  • Near blind are able to see better
  • Video games are enhanced to the point where you could train a person in the ultimate of virtual reality
  • Book readers and movies are shown on them.

My biggest questions are how will they effect us physically and mentally? I’m sure the creators, good and bad, are wondering the same thing.

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