Connect To The Family Computer Instead Of Using An Expensive Laptop

So you’ve got a laptop that’s aging a little or you would like to buy the absolute cheapest laptop you can find. No sense risking the theft of a $2000 laptop. Would if you would rather put your money in the family’s computer at home instead of one that you only use for items on the road. Then there are other problems with a laptop on the road like security and extra licenses for duplicate software that you have on your home computer. The solution is simple and inexpensive. The ultimate alternative to the high cost laptop along with benefits no traveling geek should be without.

There is a chance that the speed of your connection will not be fast enough all the time, but other than that, PCNow will allow you to access your home computer and use it just as though you were setting in front of it. You can:

  • Fix problems on your home computer from your laptop
  • Run a less expensive laptop with a small hard drive, lower memory, etc. to run programs from home. If your home computer meets specs for better software, you can run it remote.
  • Stay legal and save money by running the software on one computer.
  • Download files to your home computer for safer keeping.
  • STAY SECURE! If you do online banking or other security sensitive activities on the Internet, PCNow is an added layer of security. There are still ways a hacker can capture your wireless activity, but it is more difficult if you are using a secure connection like PCNow.
  • Allow your family to enjoy a new laptop while gaining power of your old laptop
  • Keep your business records at home where they are safer. For example, you could upload weekly records to your desktop at home and delete them from your laptop.

I highly recommend this product for any trucker’s laptop, but especially to those using less expensive laptops.

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