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Create Your Own Website

Creating your own website is a good pastime and can make you money. If you set out only to make money, it’s a rough road. If you set out to share information, make some friends, learn, and take advantage of the communication abilities of the Interent, you will make money. How much you make really depends on how much effort you put into it. Don’t quit your trucking job, it is a long haul to a paycheck from a website, but you can make pocket money quickly.

Download Free Web Design Software to create a site. Make the site about anything you are interested in. Looks are not that important when you start, the content is what counts. You will be surprised how many other people are interested in the same things. You can advertise products, sell your own goods, share your views, use the space to store photos, voice a complaint to millions of people, etc. You will have to get web hosting to publish your work to the Internet, but the software also can be used for formatted e-mails, MySpace designs, and as a learning tool until you get the hosting.

Setting up a site takes some patience getting started. You will need to follow the instructions and understand a few easy concepts. Lunarpages and Coffeecup provide forums, videos, and live support to help you out. If you keep things simple, backup your work, and build your site as you learn new things, your experience will be enjoyable.

As a truck driver, you see more of this country than anyone else. You have alot to write about and there’s no reason you cannot use that to your advantage on the Internet.

There is some cost involved with web hosting fees, but they are minimal. Less than $10/month will get you great hosting with support. Some hosting is free, and worth every penny. If you just want to try it out, free hosting is ok. If you get serious, you will wish you had not put much work into a free site. There isĀ  good work that I did out on free sites years ago with ads that the host is making money off of. You don’t want this to happen to you, so pay for a low cost host with no ads. Lunarpages will give you over $700 in free software (about everything you need) for free with the hosting package.

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