E-mail Options On The Road

Sending e-mail on the road is a standard communication tool for truckers now. I remember the $200/month phone bills for not much talking. With e-mail, you can communicate all you want for free. You can also include documents, even video to get your message across. There are many services available, so chose your favorite and add a few others. The following is a list of what I use on the road. Use a combination of 2 of these, this is explained in their descriptions.

The Internet Service Provider – call your provider’s support or follow their instructions to set this up in an e-mail client

  • Thunderbird – free e-mail client (a client is another word for a program) this is my favored method
  • Outlook or Outlook Express – comes with Microsoft Windows, I do not recommend these as they have many security issues and vulnerabilities. They are easy to use and already installed on most computers
  • Their are file size limitations
  • These accounts tend to get huge amounts of unwanted e-mail (spam).
  • If you really like Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows mail. You’re going to need a spam fighter. Spam removal is a time consuming tax that no trucker has time for. Download and install the free SpamFighter software for Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Mail.


Gmail is my usual e-mail method. You must have an e-mail account to get this started though, so use your Internet Provider’s account to get this started.

  • Great for large files
  • Available anywhere you have a connection
  • Great spam filter
  • The downside is that it can be slow on a poor connection.


Nice for socializing on the the web, but otherwise not as good as Gmail. 


Microsoft’s online e-mail offering. I don’t have much to say about it. 


Most other options are similar to these. Free services are there for the ads revenue they generate. Always use more than one service so that if one service is causing problems, you can use another. Also, you can use one for anything that may hook onto you with spam so that junk goes to a lesser checked e-mail. This will keep your e-mail for personal communication cleaner. 

 Also, remember that with the online e-mail providers, you can still e-mail from kiosks at truckstops.

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