Electronic Cigarettes - A healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are relatively new and they’ve taken off with all of the smoking bans. I will explain for those that haven’t heard of them.

The electronic cigarette can be “smoked” anywhere. It does not contain tobacco products, so all anti-smoking bans do not apply. Not on the docks, the breakrooms, the truck-stop restaurant, or anywhere.

The electronic cigarette contains nicotine. You get the nicotine amounts similar to what a cigarette would have. A cartridge contains the smoke solution, another contains a vaporizor, a third piece is a rechargable battery. When you put all 3 pieces together and inhale, a glowing indicator light on the end shows you that it’s working and a vapor very similar to cigarette smoke is inhaled. Less smoke appears as you exhale than a normal cigarette would create.

The vapors are mostly undetectable, and the small scent that is produced is pleasant.

You can check the Cigana website for more detailed information.

Cigana: You Don't Have to Quit

The company is not touting this as a method to stop smoking, but the cartridges are available in nicotine doses all the way down to zero. All electronic cigarette companies are having trouble with the FDA. It’s up to you decide if the FDA is afraid of electronic cigarettes working so well that they will reduce tax revenue from tobacco or if they are looking out for you. Remember our government’s history on tobacco support and decide.

The fun factor for truck drivers here is huge too. You know that the majority of the anti-smoking crowd is more against you enjoying your cigarette than they are their health. They’re going to go crazy over seeing a “smoker” and you’re going to be able to tell them where to stow it!

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