Fight cheap illegal immigrant labor - educate yourself.

Nebraska Sunset

Crossing Nebraska tonight I stopped to take a picture of a lonely tree in the sunset. It’s always go­o­­d to see a clear sunset like this before you head off into the night.

I’m on a long run to Colorado. It’s nice to get these runs after NYC, Pittsburgh, Philly, etc. 75mph speed limit and except for the four wheelers that can’t keep from causing hassles on 4 lanes of straight and flat road, no worries.

There was alot of talk on the radio today about the illlegal alien problem. Of course, the average American wants them gone and business wants them here for the cheap labor. I drove by a very large trucking company’s terminal and see the Mexican flag flying level with the American flag and I got the message. The Mexicans are coming to a trucking company near you!

We all know it’s coming as the politicians keep working their way towards it with total disregard to the American people’s wishes. They want cheap drivers! Imagine if they could just cut our wage in half, they take home more. I’m not against a business creating more profit by any means, but you have to be legal. Business and politicians are blatantly disregarding all of our laws to make way for the cheaper workforce.

I’m sick of it and so is everyone else, but what are you going to do about it? The only answer I have is to make them pay for the services that they still need from the average American and it’s up to you to provide something they want.

Illegal and what may soon be legal Mexican drivers may be a body in a truck and that is fine for some operations, but it’s not going to cut it for everything. If you are a good, safe driver with an education, that is something Mexico cannot provide. They are not sending their best and brightest to work here. My advice to all drivers is to be safe, operate your rig with the utmost care, be professional and get educated.

Don’t be the driver that is just as lost as we were before gps and mapping software, learn and use them. Learn to communicate with e-mail and other Internet programs. Learn to operate frugally so that you’re that much closer to the Mexican rates that are coming. Learn all you can to make yourself an educated professional. It’s not going to stop cheap labor, but at least it rids the shirt-tie-choked brains of  the lawbreakers from the excuse that illegals will do the jobs Americans can’t or won’t do. We can truck, do truck, and we do it economically and legally. is for here you and willing to share what I know or at least point you in the right direction.

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