Find The Dream Trucking Job

The elusive dream trucking job is available and it can be yours if you use today’s technology to find it. There is no need to remain in the dead end general mega-trucking companies when the position you seek is just waiting for you.<

If you have a good driving record, a good attitude, some technical skills, and some personal skills you have the qualifications for most of these dream trucking jobs. These dream jobs used to be filled only by those priviledged enough to have connections. A driver that spends weeks at a time on the road doing real work just did not have time to make these connections. The companies that you want to work for are hiring and they are looking for a qualified driver like yourself to fill their positions.

The companies hiring are to numerous to list and they are a little elusive. They are elusive because to many applicants can ruin their search for the perfect driver. They limit their searches in hopes that they do not waste time and money interviewing prospects that do not have the qualities they require. They want you to have to seek them out, this shows that you are intelligent and motivated. The easiest way to find them is as follows:

  1. Go to a popular job search website and use the word CDL. This finds all jobs that have the word CDL in the advertisement.
  2. There should be a method to further drill down in that search. Pick industries OTHER than transportation. Start noting the companies that you find there.
  3. Look at the requirements and notice the specialties of these companies. You’ll find things like mechanical skills, HAZMAT skills, computer skills added to the CDL requirement.
  4. You may already have some of these skills. If not search the web again for ways to obtain them.
  5. Now that you have some company names and some skill sets match yours, your still not there. Some of these companies may be advertising because they’re not the best employers. Many will be good, but you need to look further. Start searching for who their competitors are. You can use the local phone book or Internet to start finding these companies.
  6. Get a list of all the quality companies that may have jobs that match your skill sets. Get their contact information.


Now you need to prepare a resume to send to these companies. Search the Internet for current resume trends as they are always changing. Prepare your resume in a few different formats and have a career specialist go over them with you. Once you have them submit them, and keep copies with you in case you need to interview quickly.

Now prepare yourself for an interview. Maintain good hygiene and appearance. Look the part of the drivers in the companies you are applying for. For example -

  • Not many obese FedEx drivers exist, get fit before applying.
  • Wal-Mart drivers are clean and groomed well, look the part if applying to retail companies.
  • HAZMAT companies don’t hire drivers with beards. The gas mask will not not seal against it. You’re an automatic no hire if you have one. Lose the beard and the long hair.

Also, have your DAC ready and corrected. If you’ve found a truly good company, they do not use such an inaccurate record to hire a driver, but try and be ready just in case.

Good luck on your search and do not give up. Managing your driving career is an ongoing task that you should be doing frequently. The only thing keeping the general freight business going with the ridiculous pay and work schedules is the fact that the drivers are putting up with it. Don’t succumb to it, better your lifestyle for you and your family. Use your computer equipment and skills to put you in your life’s drivers seat.

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