How to use Delicious Bookmarking To Improve Your Surfing

Bookmarking is an important function for improving your surfing. It eliminates search times for sites that you already know exist. If you’re not already using them, every common browser has a “Bookmarks” tab in the menu. Most users simply choose to bookmark a site and never use the function to organize the bookmarks. When you do organize them, you have so many that it turns into a boring, time consuming chore. Delicous is the best utility I’ve found to solve the orginization problem and even enhance bookmarking to an entirely different level.

Delicous has very short and simple instructions to follow on their site to take all of your bookmarks and import them to their website. The most difficult task would be exporting your bookmarks to a file and then importing them. If you can find the function in your browser to export your bookmarks to an html file, keep track of where you saved that file, then use the function on Delicous to import the bookmarks, then you can do this task. Bookmark orginization solved.

As for the added functionality -

  • Suppose you find other truck drivers that use Delicous and you would like to see what websites they use, Delicous allows you to do this.
  • You can search every other person’s bookmarks that are “tagged” with the terms related to trucking, travel, roads, etc.
  • You can choose which bookmarks you want to be private and which you would like others to know about.
  • You can judge whether or not a bookmark is popular by how many times it has been shared by others.
  • Google may return quirky results, Delicous returns results that are much more targeted to what you are looking for and you can tell how many other folks judged the site worthy of a bookmark.
  • If you’re advanced enough, you can add Delicous to your website, Facebook, or other external web publication.

These are just a few suggestions, you will find more. Information is your best weapon in winning the war against truckers, Delicous is one more weapon to add to your arsenal.

By the way, if you’ve heard the term “Web 2.0″, this is the type of application that they are referring to. It uses a democratic approach in presenting information to you. Web 2.0 applications like this are much easier to use than older web applications and I think any trucker will appreciate this style of application.

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