Long Loads Make For Long Days

I’m new to the oversize load game in trucking, and I do not care much for it. My pay never seems to come out good from it and the hassles are many. Granted, if I knew what I was doing, it might help, I’m trying.

Yesterday it took me about 2.5 hours to get the load and truck setup properly. Then I had to wait an 1.5 hours at a truck stop waiting for a permit to be faxed. It never showed up after I tried and tried to get the folks sending it and the truckĀ  stop to work together to get me a simple fax. I had to go to another truck stop and get it done there. So there’s about 4.5 hours of no pay. By the time I got everything rolling, the sun went down and I had to stop because you can’t run an oversize load at night. A VERY non-profitable day to say the least.

You might think that the high pay-per-mile should cover this. In my case, it’s not even disclosed what I make per mile. I’ve heard different amounts every time I ask and it’s never provided in writing. Should be illegal, probably is, but I have to deal with the situation for a while. That’s trucking.

When you get the permits for the load, things can be vague. Like they’ll have a route that says to call local authorities 24 hours before entering that section of the route. I don’t have 24 hours to give notice and it does not tell you who the “local authorities” are for the area or the phone number to call. The boss says to just blow that off, but he doesn’t pay the fine if there is a problem.

I can see where oversize would be a good deal for jobs that pay well and are squared away. Some work needs to be done before I am in that situation though.

I cannot wait to get rid of this thing and I hope I do not see another oversize for a while.

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