Make Money With Your Down Time Trucking

I know what you’re thinking, there’s no real way to make money with your  down time while you’re trucking. He’s probably going to tell us write chain mails with the computer or some other hoax or money losing scam. You’re wrong! I’m telling you to use your intellect and computer skills to do something productive that will turn into money. I will tell you that I have not made huge sums, just a little extra here and there. But the sums are growing as my skills on the Internet improve.

Here are a few ideas to get started. I will be adding articles in time to go into more detail.

  • Get an Education – you can get a degree or certification in many areas online. With all of the changes on truck drivers, do you really think you’ll be able to retire from trucking without something putting you out of the game? Be prepared and get educated in skills that will keep you going should something happen.
  • Improve Your Trucking Business – Drivers have access to information that was previously exclusive and expensive. Load boards are just the start of it. You can communicate with business associates just as you would by setting in the office. I am clueless as to why I need a dispatcher when I should be able to choose a load from the company website. Landstar is the only company I know of that utilizes the Internet in a way that truly allows a driver to run an actual business by choosing from every load available. They do charge high for their services, but they have no real competition, yet.
  • Improve Your  Resume And Job Hunting Skills – Do you think that you’re going to pop open one of those free trucking magazines and find the high paying job you dreamed of? I don’t think so. If they’re advertising for drivers, there’s a reason. Good companies rarely advertise for drivers. Those jobs are filled by friends and people who have sought after that good job. If they have a great position, they’re not going to give to somebody that does not show exceptional effort to get the job in the first place.
  • Start Your Own Website – Start a website about anything, put effort into it, and it will make money. Some make huge money, some make very little. It depends on supply and demand. People want quality information about topics their interested in. If you can create a site that fulfills this need, you will have traffic. Look at the most popular sites and see what they offer. Their is a wide range of topics and businesses that do well on the Internet that would not do so otherwise. You have the power of getting a large audience from around the globe that otherwise would not have a way to communicate their unique interest.
    • Traffic is the key to making money on the Internet. You use that traffic to sell goods and services. You can use your own busines or it can  with referrals to other businesses, which is called “Affiliate marketing”. Do be careful as this legitmate business can be easily turned into get-rich-quick scams.
  • Get Online Work - Are you creative and/or proficient at work that can be done over the Internet. For example: writing, artwork, photography, web design, technical works, even talking is a worthwhile skill with the advent of the podcast.
  • Save Time And Money With Online Goods And Services – Save money by staying out of the truckstop for your trucking needs. Everything from software to groceries are now available online. You can have everything you need waiting at your house when you arrive. Shipping is a factor in the cost, but for convenience and a good price, online business simply beat the competition

I will get more detailed with future articles, but for now these are some of the ideas I will explore with you. If you can do it from a laptop in a truck and it has the potential of increasing your income, I will write about it.

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