Mobile Broadband Router For Your Truck

Wireless Internet for the truck is almost essential for truckers, the equipment leaves much to be desired though. Your provider uses cards that you insert into your laptop. Now you have a card that sticks out of the edge of the computer that can catch and break. You also have to attach your wireless antenna leaving you tethered by a cord. This is a mess in the cab of an already crowded truck.

There is a solution that fixes the mess and provides the option to share your connection. You need a mobile wireless router.

A router will enable you to plug in your card to an external device instead of your laptop. You can stow this device in a safe place and your signal is transmitted from the device to the wireless card that is already in your laptop from the factory. If you have a co-driver and/or spouse that wants to use the Internet at the same time, you both can logon to the same Internet connection. If you open access, you could even share with a fellow driver in another truck. This could even earn you a few dollars, just ask for a couple of bucks for access to the password that you setup. If you’re in a good area, your fellow trucker gets a good connection and you earn a few bucks while you sleep.

There is some setup required, but most folks get through it ok. It’s a little expensive, but cheaper than breaking a connection card and you save time. As soon as you start your computer, the Internet is ready to go, just like you’re at the house with a computer plugged in to cable or DSL.

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