Nice Peterbilt Loads In The Snow

Photo Of Peterbilt In The Snow

While loading in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, I noticed this nice Peterbilt and felt sorry for the guy. This thing was a beautiful truck in a horrible place on a nasty day. You can bet he got this thing to the truck wash quick after this was done.

McKees Rocks, an old part of Pittsburgh, is notoriously hard to get around in and if anything goes wrong, cops tend to hassle you. No helping hand there, every driver is supposed to magically know how to get around this maze that’s full of hazards for trucks.

It would be a hard decision to take this truck there, but nice trucks do not have nice payments. When you see these shiny rigs, now you know they have to do the same dirty work as the rest of us. Their owners just take the extra time and expense to show their pride in their truck and way of life.

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