Picking Up At Houston, Tx Shipping Port

Finally a chance to thaw out in Houston, Texas. I broke a sweat loading due to the heat. You can’t beat that.

The shipping port is where foreigners load foreign goods. It’s difficult to get any English spoken, so you just point and yell until they get it. The place was HUGE and the information I had was to find Chavo at door 16. There were quite a few door 16’s. I start asking around for Chavo and found him after about an hour. Chavo spoke Spanglish, so it was entertaining. I do feel for the guys loading difficult long and wide loads. I got lucky and they had a legal load for me. I just have a bunch of pieces that are going to bounce all over going across I-10 on the way to West Virginia.

Now this is odd. I’m hauling iron pieces to a place right down the road from Pittsburgh. How can Kawasaki make these pieces, then ship them all the way over here better than a factory in America’s home of steel working? It’s a shame.

Here’s a picture. Sorry about the quality. There was no signs or instructions saying not to take photos, but I played it safe and did not get out with a camera.


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