Rainy Day In Illinois

It was just a bad day for trucking. Chicago in the rain sets a dreary mood for anything, and today was no exception.

My first delivery was to a business that nearly burnt down recently, so a bunch of trucks were lined up to use the few remaining docks. Then I dealt with Chicago traffic all day, for very low pay. It makes you wonder why truckers do this job sometimes.

Tomorrow is this grass roots trucking strike to top it all off. It most likely will be nothing, but there is the threat of some moron actually taking it seriously and trying to harm the trucks that are moving. Most folks will keep moving as the strike is pointless and we need to make money no matter what the price of fuel is. I’m sure the ATA is fueling this will all they can muster so they can promote their agenda of turning truckers into even lower paid slaves and getting as many illegal aliens in their place as possible.

Americans are asking themselves more and more how do we stop the political insanity. Not just truckers, but people from all walks are asking. The dwindling dollar and changing financial picture is pushing it, but so is all of the weird politics. Once again we are faced with only three weak choices for a president. No matter which side you’re on, you have to ask yourself if these folks are really the best we have to choose from and how the hell did it happen this way. It’s not that we’re living bad in the U.S. by any measure, we just know it’s going to get worse for a while.

I need a nice day and my motorcycle to forget about it all for just a while.

I’ve already turned off the talk radio. Too much of that and a person could go crazy, and I think some have. Radio is great because it makes you think. The problem is that you start thinking too much and you want to do something about the problems you just listened to. But what do you do? Nothing is going to change the insansity that is winding up. They’ll start on a subject like the Federal Reserve and a poor truck driver’s head just starts swimming with ideas on a subject that you really don’t know much about in the first place.

For now, I’m going to take a shower at a nasty Petro truck stop in Remington, Indiana, then head out for an all-nighter trucking run in the wind and rain. I’ll try to find some good rock n’ roll and see if that helps matters!

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