Super Cell Phone Technology And Why A Trucker Should Wait

New super phones are out and ready for the picking. Phones like the G1, IPhone and Blackberry Storm are out and ready. These phones are amazing and I suggest that every truck driver should be looking at them. They are revolutionionizing the way all business is done and if you’re going to compete, you’re going to need to excel at using these phones.

Some of the reasons you are going to need one are -

  • Unparralled communications. There is going to be no excuse for a dispatcher to send you anywhere without highly detailed instructions. The phones are capable of almost anything you’ve seen on a computer.
  • They are going to be mainstream. No longer can a dispatcher claim that he does not have the time or skill to use a computer. When common applications are right on everybody’s phone, the “lack of computer skills” excuse is going to be the equivelant of saying, “I don’t know how to use a telephone.
  • Your competition is going to use them to their full advantage, you will not be able to compete. If it takes you the usual 3 – 5 phone calls, a stop to get local information, the time to fix a wrong turn, etc., but your competition can do it all with one document sent to their phone, you are going to fall behind quick.
  • Shopping for fuel, service, parts, and anything else is no longer going to be a game of luck. For example, you will be able to put a message out that you need a PM service and shops can announce their availability, bid on the job, show you references and ratings, etc.

There are many more actions that are going to turn these devices into a trucking businesses life blood. Information is going to become almost as important as fuel.

So, why wait? I bet you’re ready to hop on board. A few hundred bucks and you’re in the information game big, right? Not so fast, there’s a snag. The super cell phone stuff doesn’t work right yet!! As usual, the cell phone companies have turned these gadgets loose without full testing, common sense pricing, or a clear vision of what they should do. 

The G1 Android operating system is a free operating system, but the software developers are unclear about what they should develop. The providers are unclear about what they are going to allow you to place on your phone. The pricing is confusing and the spotty T-Mobile coverage is very limited.

The Blackberry Storm is a marketing plot from the core of the system. Additional charges apply for everything you want. It even cost money just try an application and many of the applications are lacking.

The durability of the super-cell-phones is very weak for a trucker. Imagine watching these phones disintagrate under the vibrations of a truck, because you’re going to see it happen. They have very sensitive devices that were never intended to take a beating. Drop one of these while you’re loading and it’s all over.

The battery life is very short anytime you use the an application that involves the screen.

Until the cell phone companies and electronics manufacturers come to their senses, keep your laptop going. Any service available on a cell phone is going to be available for your PC with high speed mobile internet. Keep researching what the phones have to offer and keep an eye out for a solution that you can tailor to trucking. I’m keeping my shock-proof, waterproof, and idiot proof heavy duty phone until the rocket scientist get their cell phone technology up to par.

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