Your laptop can get you loaded quicker.

Use your laptop to get loaded [...]

Portable Surge Protector

Protect Your Computer With A Portable Surge [...]

Mapping With Your Mobile Computer And GPS

Never Buy A Map Again

Welcome To I'd Rather Drive A Truck



Welcome to I’d Rather Drive A Truck! 

This website has been created to inform truck drivers about the mobile computing available to them in the comfort of their truck. It is free to join, so sign in at the left for some added features.

You’ll find information about -

How to get started in mobile computing.
Hardware and software [...]

Find the right laptop for mobile computing in your truck.

Laptops – the most important part of mobile computing. Here’s some insight on how to choose yours.

Required Equipment To Begin Mobile Computing In A Semi-Truck

Short tutorial to begin mobile computing in your semi-truck. [...]