Amazon Kindle eReader

I had seen Amazon’s Kindle eReader advertised on their site since the fall of 2007. For months and months I just passed it over thinking it was just “another” reading device. I even received a few emails from Amazon promoting the device, but I already had a PDA reader and didn’t use it much because [...]

Trucking GPS Slowly Coming Down In Price

Trucking GPS slowly coming down in price. The technology is starting to get more realistic and usable as well. [...]

Truck Bedding Can Be Dangerous, Protect Yourself

Protect yourself from the mattresses in your truck. Bed bugs, disease, and other problems could lurk in the mattress that the company sticks you with. [...]

Electronic Cigarettes - A healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes – A healthier alternative to smoking [...]


I am happy to introduce to I’d Rather Drive A Truck. They are a premier source for Ford Truck parts. [...]

Best Value GPS - Garmin Nuvi 360

Best value GPS I’ve [...]

Portable Surge Protector

Protect Your Computer With A Portable Surge [...]

USB Antenna For Receiving Truck Stop Wifi

USB Wifi Antenna, Great For [...]

Mapping With Your Mobile Computer And GPS

Never Buy A Map Again

Welcome To I'd Rather Drive A Truck



Welcome to I’d Rather Drive A Truck! 

This website has been created to inform truck drivers about the mobile computing available to them in the comfort of their truck. It is free to join, so sign in at the left for some added features.

You’ll find information about -

How to get started in mobile computing.
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