The Trans-Am Leasing Scam

Any truck driver that has been around understands that a trucking lease is a scam. Very, very few ever end up owning the truck and those that do wish they would have just bought the truck. For some reason, truck drivers dreaming of owning their own equipment fall for the scam. Either inexperience or just believing the sales pitch sucker them in to the worst deal of their lives.

For this post, I’m going to use Trans-Am Trucking as an example, they deserve it almost as much as Prime. Go look at those links. You are going to see what appears to be alot of information. The quote all sorts of great average numbers and make some pretty loose promises. For example, Trans-Am claims “Sirius satellite radios in many tractors”. What a laugh! You can be sure that your luck will not get you that satellite radio, and even if it did, who pays for the service? Siruis radios are the least of your worries. What about the big ticket items?

Use your technology tools like Google to find the scams. I find this link about Trans-Am right off. This is a simple explanation of how this driver was put out with a lemon of a truck and then given excuses as to why there were no loads 2 months into the deal. Keep searching for posts like these and look for a pattern. Gather up the complaints, then ask Trans-Am trucking to provide a copy of the lease you are going to sign. Chance are they will not provided this until the end of your orientation, but it’s worth a try. You are going to find all sorts of escape clauses and vague language in the contract for them, and none for you. The truck driver is setup to take fault for everything. The benefit plans are so vague they can escape just about any part of the contract.

I’d be the first to tell you that using the Internet to find information is difficult. Companies post bad information about each other all of the time. If Prime Trucking wants to make Trans-Am trucking look bad, they write a post. However, these posts will be in a standard format with no contact information and their complaints will have little or nothing to back them up. Learn to filter for good information.

If you’re going to operate a business, you’ll need the ability to make decisions. Decisions on every aspect of trucking are crucial in the drivers success. If you are locked into a companies system, you are NOT a businessman. Don’t let them fool you into thinking you are. You are a company driver who has forfeited all rights and benefits provided to employees. Use your common sense. If you are a new driver, do you really think that leasing a truck with no real experience is in your best interest? You have no idea about a very complex business with very thin profit margins. Your chances of success are almost non-existent and you’ll be back in a company truck in short order.

Are you still thinking about a lease? I hope not. I’ve no vested interest one way or other. I have just seen so many drivers get stuck with these plans that can ruin their careers and any chance of financial success that I will do what I can to change it.

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