The truck that will never go to a jobsite goes again.

I was told when I got this truck that it would never see a jobsite and once again we take a dunk in the mud. I spent 5 hours this weekend cleaning it too. Oh well, so long as the paycheck shows up, that’s all that matters.

The truck went so far in the mud this time that they followed me with a huge forklift and as I reached a huge hump of dirt, they lifted the trailer over it as I drove forward. Wow, what a rush to see your trailer going up in the air a few feet. They were good at it, must have done it a few times to get the other trucks out. You might think, why not refuse? If you don’t know where your next load is coming from and they threaten to have you wait till the next day, you do what you have to.

I don’t mind getting dirty, it beats setting in cubicle hell hands down. It’s fun so long as you don’t get stuck. The problem is folks want to see this truck shiny ALL the time. So, you sit unpaid at a truck wash for 2-3 hours everytime this happens. Then you spend time with a bucket of soapy water and Armor all when you should be relaxing with the family. Such is the life of a trucker.

Here’s the pics of the truck that will never go to a jobsite and get dirty.

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