Truck Bedding Can Be Dangerous, Protect Yourself

Truck mattresses are a nasty problem with company drivers. They move you from one truck to another and you are stuck with a nasty mattress from who knows how many drivers. There is no choice in the matter. You take the mattress and deal with it, buy another, or don’t sleep.

With sleep being a major factor in commercial trucking, it is wrong that companies put so little thought into the health and safety concerns with the mattress you are sleeping on.

I found a solution called Protect-A-Bed.

Protect-A-Bed Protection Banner 480x100

Healthy Sleep Zone Solutions can protect you and your mattress from -

  • Bed Bugs
  • Allergy Problems From Dirty Truck Mattresses
  • Bedding Health And Hygiene problems From A Previously Used Mattress
  • And Added Padding On The Mattress Improves Your Comfort

The pad can roll up and to be easily transported from truck to truck.

Protect-A-Bed is a fine company listed in the Better Business Bureau. Visit the website and improve your trucking sleep solution today!

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