Truck Lines Reject New Technology

Truck lines rejecting technology? You must be crazy. They jump all over it right? They only take advantage of it when it immediately and directly profits the company.

Truck lines love to show off technology gadgest they purchase. They show them off in trucking news magazines, new recruits, and customers. There big and really old one is satellite communication. It keeps you off the phone with the dispatcher occassionally, other than communication, it can actually work against you.

When you’re looking for a truck line, look for evidence that they want to communicate with you on the Internet. Look for a dispatcher that understands that directions e-mailed to you are great! Something this simple is rare in trucking. They are covering up the fact that the dispatcher doesn’t care and is hoping that you’ll figure out the details on your own.

Trailer tracking is great if they have it working correctly. This cuts down the time to find a trailer. Since you don’t get paid for looking for trailers, this is going to mean more money in your pocket. This is one rare instance where the term “satellite” actually means useful information.

Trucking lines may have the information, but choose to conceal it. A load may not be ready, they know it, and they give you the run-around to keep you from arriving to early and getting detention time. The dispatcher may know that if he is splitting up your schedule and you bring it to his superior’s attention, he will be at fault. This is where you get YOUR laptop and find out from the shipper when the real load information. A good smell test for this is the phone number. If your dispatcher cannot supply a correct contact, there is a reason. Sure as the day is long, your dispatcher knows how to contact the shipper and there is a reason behind the nonsense.

Qualcomm is the technology name you do not want to hear. Qualcomm used to be an innovator. Now, they’re just selling obsolete technology at outrageous prices to companies that hate change. In a day and age where wireless technologies abound, they’re still selling satellite tech laden with bugs.

You do want to hear terms like GPS and companies like AirIQ that are combining satellite and wireless for truly useful solutions. Some companies like CubeRoute are combine web technologies with wireless services to increase productivity.

No matter what the trucking lines come up with, you want to master your own laptop and keep track of your own activities so that there functions don’t interfere with the business of driving and getting paid for it.

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