Trucking GPS Slowly Coming Down In Price

Trucking and GPS technology is finally start to come together. You would think that trucking would have been first priority, but the complexity of our GPS needs is far greater than most applications. Rand McNally has produced it’s Intelliroute TND 500 model for truckers.


Rand McNally Trucking GPS For Less than $500

The problem with GPS for trucking is that it cannot tell you what hazards specific to trucks exists. Truck bans on roads, low underpasses, construction that forbids truck traffic, etc. are constantly changing and to numerous to keep up with. Routing with GPS is flaky at best, even if you’re just driving a car. The extra miles a bad route adds to a trip is costly, so there is no way one can depend on a GPS alone for a truck’s trip planning.

Rand McNally is approaching the problem by utilizing it’s paper maps, a laptop, and a GPS. This is the method I’ve been using for years with a regular car gps. It is the only way to get a true reference about what is happening on the route. Many times, there isn’t enough time to work with my map program to get the route thoroughly checked and this is where you want the TND-500. It’s ability to link directly to the laptop is it’s largest asset. It also gives page reference numbers to the Rand McNally 2010 Motor Carriers Road Atlas (Rand Mcnally Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas).

There are also some trucking tools to make life easier and give you an upper hand on profitability. The are -

  • 35% more truck routing information than any other truck gps
  • Routes consider weigh stations, rest areas, truck stops and more
  • Automatic time zone calculation
  • Speakers designed to be heard over cab noise
  • Built in driver log and fuel tax calculations
  • Address book and specialized trucking calculator
  • Up to 10 stops allowed in a route
  • Unit contains everything you need with no further purchases required to operate efficiently.
  • Uses the same proprietary map information found in other Rand McNally products. If you familiar with their maps, you’ll be familiar with the symbols and other information on the GPS.

If your budget is tight and your current route procedures are good enough, the TND 500 isn’t going to be a life changing tool. If you are starting with nothing, this is the perfect start. If you want think that the tools are going to save you time and money, by all means, buy the TND 500.

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  • Allan McCullough

    TND 500 is not dependable, mine has had and still does have problems with weak signal in the NW part of the US and now will not even boot due to software problems. This unit in my opinion was not finished at the time it went to market.

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