Trucking Historical Lows In PerspectiveTo Today

In the words of President Barrack Hussein Obama, “The economy is bad and it’s going to get worse.” Now anyone knows what the Democratic is trying to pull off with the doom and gloom. They want you to think you need them to fix your problems. If you believe this, you’re in serious trouble and you need to get involved with some groups that can show you different.

So what is the trucking industry trying to pull off with their doom and gloom? It’s obvious, they want you to endure their hardships and make you believe that you need to do more with less. Next time you’re at the home terminal, check to see if they’re still driving that new BMW. You’ll get a different perspective on the doom and gloom. Down and out folks don’t have BMW’s and $1500 suits!

Yes, this may be the worse that you’ve ever had it. This look at the overall freight index shows that we’re really only at the same brinks of disasters of 9-11 and the Y2K computer scam. We made it through those, we’ll make it through these times. You are not going to die unless you commit suicide and you make shed some of the burdens holding you back and come out of this better than ever.

Use your downtime wisely. Don’t sit around with the negative people, find solutions. Use your computer and whatever other means to find answers. Yes, the answers may be bad, but you can come up with your plan of action. If you’re an owner-operator that’s losing a truck, accept the failure and move one. Trying and failing is one thing, failing and not knowing when to get out is another. If you’ve been turning miles at a loss with the false promise that a good load will be coming if you complete the loss, learn and move on. You’re just prolonging the lesson that you, your company, and your financial backers should have learned long ago.

You may love trucking so much that you can’t imagine doing anything else, but there are many things you can learn to supplement your income now. It all starts with learning about your computer and utilizing your skills to improve your education to fill the void that comes with the nature of trucking.

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