UPS Profits Down 49% - Serious Problems For All Of Us

This article explains that UPS profits are down 49% from last year. I find this very troubling and so do many others. This time last year, fuel was higher and eating into the profits more. This means that it’s even worse than it appears.

The reason every trucker should be concerned is that this is an indicator of what is going on in the overall shipping economy. If you’re on the fence considering if you should hang in there, news like this could push you on over that fence. This indicator alone may not tell all, but you can combine this with other indicators to help with your decision. For example, on the same day this news arrived, the DOW jumped higher.

The DOW shows how optimistic the business public is. Much of the investment money comes from business people,  so it it’s generally just a good enthusiasm indicator. Shipping companies are actually delivering goods that they are planning to sell in the future and it is a much stronger indicator of where the economy is headed.

With UPS taking care of very short timed orders, it’s not the best overall indicator, but 49% in losses is staggering. Can you imagine your business taking a loss like that? Of course you can if you are a trucker.

I would suggest to keep an eye on the other large trucking companies as well.

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