Welcome To I'd Rather Drive A Truck



Welcome to I’d Rather Drive A Truck! 

This website has been created to inform truck drivers about the mobile computing available to them in the comfort of their truck. It is free to join, so sign in at the left for some added features.

You’ll find information about -

  • How to get started in mobile computing.
  • Hardware and software that you will need.
  • How to maintain your computer.
  • Improve your connection.
  • Mobile broadband offerings.
  • Instruction on commonly used programs.
  • How to save money with your computer.
  • How to make money with your computer. Yes, you can MAKE money in your downtime. No more setting idle during those previously unproductive times when your waiting for loads or waiting at docks.

I am a truck driver with a technology background. I am here to answer your questions and get you going. I enjoy sharing my knowledge. Truck driving does not have to be the dead end career it has been in the past. You have the ability to improve your education and abilities while you are out trucking.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about the site. I am always looking for other sites to link to also.

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