Wheeling-Pitt Steel Photo From Mingo Junction, Ohio

This is a seen from the huge Wheeling-Pitt Steel plant in Mingo Junction, Ohio. The place was like being in the belly of a giant fire breathing beast. Dangerous as all get out with trains darting everywhere, even places you needed to back into. Nobody to help you out much either. What scared the heck out of me, was everyday stuff for them.

After I made the delivery there was no place to turn around. Just to get out I had to back into a building. I took a peek in the door and a giant kettle full of molten steel was coming towards me. Had I pulled in there, who knows what would have happened when it hit the truck. Steam would pour out of nowhere and you had to stop until it cleared so that you could see. Temperatures were about 12 degrees that day, so the steam was even worse.

After 5 hours I finally backed the truck about a 1/4 mile to get out and I was on my way. It was adventure! If I have to go back, it will be easier because I have an idea of what to do there, but the first time was no charm!

This photo is from the entry, it got worse as you went further in. What an amazing piece of technology. To think that people actually control every aspect of the pipes and machinery is amazing to me.

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