Wubi - Not The Perfect Operating System, But Closer

Linux peaks the interest of many. Free and better are the keywords that perk everyone up. However, if you are a novice with Linux, it’s a hopeless endeavor. The install alone is enough to drive you insane. One wrong move and you’ve formatted your entire hard drive. Dual-booting is automated with most installs now, but there are choices that many of us are not sure of. The instructions and help could not be more unclear. If you’re still left wondering what all this is about you can download Ubuntu for free and run it off the CD, but this is a SLOW way to run the operating system and you are not going to hunt down the CD everytime you have a few minutes to work on learning Linux.

The answer has arrived. It’s Wubi. Wubi is an Ubuntu install that installs like a normal Windows program. When it’s done installing, you will have the choice to boot to Linux or Windows.

The major drawback for truckers is that there is no easy install for aircards for cellular wireless Internet. It will work fine with wifi spots though.

You get all of the major programs for web browsing, photo editing, and an office suite. You also get games and other extras that come with most Linux installs. The best benefit in my opinion, is that you have an alternate operating system in case there are problems with Windows. This might save you from reformatting your hard drive or paying a repair bill because you can find out if it’s a hardware or software problem easily. If Linux is running fine, it’s a Windows problem.

It’s a great way to get started with Linux. You might save money and you will have a more reliable operating system on your computer.

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