Your laptop can get you loaded quicker.

Your laptop can be a powerful tool, even when it’s not running. There are 2 ways to make money with it not running. The hard way is to write web applications and create useful content that draw customers. The easy way is to place it on your steering wheel and look busy.

The easy way plays on the old stereotype of the ignorant trucker. For years, due to lack of communication, truckers have been sent to wait on a load and left to rot in the shippers parking lot waiting. The shipper figured if we were stupid enough to wait, why hurry? Lately, we’ve gained enough communication to do just about anything our dispatchers would refuse to do for us previously. We can find loads on a load board during this long wait time, get a better load, and leave the shipper with no truck. This really aggravates them.

My company has never left me in this situation yet, but my truck looks like an owner operater truck and it has a family name on the door. The shipper assumes I’m an owner operator. When a shipper looks out his window and notices a trucker with a laptop on the wheel, it strikes fear into him immediately. He figures that you’re looking for another load and that he may lose you. Especially if he thinks there is better paying freight in the area.

I caught onto this when everybody passing my truck would ask if I was looking for a load. They assume that’s about as far as truck drivers have come with a computer, and I’ll let them keep thinking it. More than once I’ve been bumped ahead of others while my computer was on the steering wheel. So, keep up the “stupid trucker” image going, it can come in handy!

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